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RS Soul Wars Minigame Guide with Useful Items & Methods to Win

Time: 09/04/20

Today we will share a guide related to RS Soul Wars minigame. Not only the ways helping your team win, but also the useful items you can learn from us. 

Items useful for RS Soul Wars recommended 

Soul Wars is a member-only team minigames lasting for 20 minutes. During this game, two opposing teams compete with each other to collect soul fragments and give them to Soul obelisk in order to weaken and defeat each other's avatars. And during this minigame, you have to obtain the following necessary items: 
1. From the Supply Area: 
  - Bandagess (heal)
  - Barricades (prevent players from running through it)
  - Explosive potions (destroy a barricade instantly)
2. From killing players 
  - Bones (You will always get at least one.) The player dealing the most damage will receive the extra bones. Bones can also be found anywhere on the ground when higher level players generally don't pick them up. 
  - Soul fragments 
3. From killing Slayer monsters
  - Soul fragments (one from a pyrefiend, two from a jelly)
Apart from these items, we also recommend to bring some other items, including best armor like hybrid armor, best weapon and a summoning familiar. 

How to help the team win in RS Soul Wars? 

There are several ways suggested to take, which can help your team win and increase your activity bar during RS Soul Wars: 
1. Attack players on the opposing team. 
2. Set up barricades, not raising the activity bar. 
3. Heal your allies by using bandages. This can't raise the activity bar if your ally has full life points. 
4. Bury bones in any of your team's graveyards or base, giving 50% chance to increase your avatar's Slayer level and restore a portion of your own prayer points & activity bar. 
5. Kill slayer creatures for soul fragments and offer them to the Soul obelisk. 
6. Damage the enemy avatar. 
7. Blow up barricades. Remember to use explosive potions located in the supply area. 
8. Assist in the capture of graveyards or the Soul Obelisk.

Hope this guide can help you win RS Soul Wars game. Additionally, please buy cheap RS3 gold from us anytime. 

The RS3gold Team 

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