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RS Tortle Combat Guide: Requirements, Fast Walkthrough & Rewards

Time: 02/03/21

RS Tortle Combat is a new quest launched for 1 year of Ninja Team. You can learn the requirements and walkthrough from us to complete it easily. Once completed, you can receive much more XP.  

Requirements of RS Tortle Combat miniquest 

Tortle Combat is a novice member-only miniquest released to celebrate the 1 year of Ninja Team. To complete this quest, you have to meet the following requirements: 
- Level 40 Construction
- Level 17 Farming
- Completion of the Player-Owned Farm tutorial 

Fast walkthrough to RS Tortle Combat

1. Speak to Postie Pete-za by the entrance to Varrock Sewers.
2. Find Wolfgang at the eastern Varrock Sewer that can be entered by passing through a pipe. 
3. Give Wolfgang a pizza and talk to him. 
4. Talk to the Varrock estate agent. 
5. Come back to Wolfgang. 
6. Build all the equipment with 16 planks, 2 buckets of sand, 1 empty sack, 3 ropes and 60 iron nails. 
7. Talk to Wolfgang.
8. Speak to Gustav.
9. Collect 2 law runes, a soft clay and a plump rabbit. To get plump rabbit, you should bring a dense honeycomb and a kebab to Granny Potterington at the Manor Farm. Then use the extremely dense honeycomb on an adult or elder common brown rabbit to claim plump rabbit. 
10. Come back to the Varrock Sewer.
11. Talk to Gustav.
12. Talk to Edvard.
13. Talk to Wolfgang. 
14. Talk to Johann. 
15. Head to Grand Exchange and talk to Hofuthand.
16. Return to Johann and talk to him. 
17. Give the dwarven army axe to Gustav, the old rake handle to Johann, the mismatched set of cutlery to Wolfgang, and the rabid chinchompa to Alfred. 
18. Talk to Wolfgang. 
19. Talk to Wolfgang again. 

RS Tortle Combat rewards

Upon the completion, you can be able to receive:
- Tortle lamp of construction: granting 10,000 Construction XP 
- Tortle lamp of farming: granting 1,000 Farming XP 
- Tortle lamp of magic: granting 1,000 Magic XP 
- Ninja Tortle Hood cosmetic override  

Come to complete RS Tortle Combat quest with the guide. Moreover, please buy RS 3 gold from us all the time. 

The RS3gold Team     

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