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Activity Location & Furniture for RS Construction Contracts Shared

Time: 11/17/20

Currently players can level Construction skill via a new way, RS Construction Contracts. You can build various furniture in 11 locations. And the materials used for building furniture are also shared below. 

Activity locations of RS Construction Contracts 

Construction Contracts is a new way to train Construction skill. With it going live on Nov. 16, players with at least level 40 Construction can be able to build furniture in the following 11 locations around Misthalin: 
1. General store in Lumbridge 
2. General store in Edgeville 
3. General store in Varrock 
4. Charos' house in Varrock, south of the estate agent 
5. Blue Moon Inn in Varrock 
6. Ned's house in Draynor Village 
7. Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge 
8. Victoria's house in Lumbridge, north of Bob's Brilliant Axes 
9. Wise Old Man's house in Draynor Village 
10. Father Aereck's church in Lumbridge 
11. Aggie's house in Draynor Village 

How to build furniture via RS Construction Contracts? 

You can be able to build plenty of furniture through Construction Contracts. All possible furniture with the materials required is listed below: 
1. Shelves: 6 planks, 4 nails. 
2. Bookcase: 8 planks, 4 nails.
3. Bed (large): 10 planks, 4 nails, 2 bolt of cloth.
4. Bed (small): 8 planks, 2 nails, 1 bolt of cloth.
5. Wardrobe: 8 planks, 4 nails.
6. Table: 6 planks, 4 nails.
7. Counter: 6 planks, 4 nails.
8. Drawers: 4 planks, 2 nails.
9. Sink: 4 planks, 4 nails, 2 steel bar.
10. Chair: 5 planks, 4 nails.
11. Pew: 5 planks, 4 nails.
12. Bench: 5 planks, 4 nails.
13. Organ: 12 planks, 4 nails, 4 steel bar.
14. Votary: 3 planks, 4 nails, 1 white candle.
15. Stand: 3 planks, 4 nails, 1 white candle. 
16. Altar: 10 planks, 4 nails, 2 white candle, 1 bolt of cloth.
17. Lighting: 2 planks, 4 nails, 1 white candle.
18. Ladder: 5 planks, 4 nails.
19. Stove: 2 planks, 4 nails, 2 metal bar: iron bars for wooden planks, steel bars for oak planks, mithril bars for teak planks, adamant bars for mahogany planks.
20. Portrait: 2 planks, 2 nails.
21. Stool: 4 planks, 4 nails.
22. Shelf: 4 planks, 2 nails.
23. Wheel: 2 planks, 2 nails.
24. Desk: 8 planks, 2 nails.
25. Chest: 4 planks, 4 nails. 

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The RS3gold Team 

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