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OSRS Trailblazer League General Elite Tasks Guide with Details

Time: 11/11/20

Here is a list showing all OSRS Trailblazer League general elite tasks. See what you should do in general elite tier. 

List of OSRS Trailblazer League general elite tasks 

You can be able to complete 83 general elite tasks of Trailblazer League, including: 
1. Reach level 90 in any skill.
2. Reach level 95 in any skill.
3. Reach total level 2000.
4. Reach total level 2100. 
5. Reach total level 2200.
6. Reach level 80 in every skill.
7. Reach level 90 in every skill.
8. Reach level 99 Attack.
9. Obtain 25 million Attack XP. 
10. Reach level 99 Strength. 
11. Obtain 25 million Strength XP.
12. Reach level 99 Defence. 
13. Obtain 25 million Defence XP. 
14. Reach level 99 Ranged. 
15. Obtain 25 million Ranged XP.
16. Reach level 99 Prayer. 
17. Obtain 25 million Prayer XP.
18. Reach level 99 Magic.
19. Obtain 25 million Magic XP.
20. Reach level 99 Runecraft.
21. Obtain 25 million Runecraft XP.
22. Reach level 99 Construction.
23. Obtain 25 million Construction XP.
24. Reach level 99 Hitpoints.
25. Obtain 25 million Hitpoints XP.
26. Reach level 99 Agility.
27. Obtain 25 million Agility XP.
28. Reach level 99 Herblore.
29. Obtain 25 million Herblore XP.
30. Reach level 99 Thieving.
31. Obtain 25 million Thieving XP. 
32. Reach level 99 Crafting. 
33. Obtain 25 million Crafting XP.
34. Reach level 99 Fletching.
35. Obtain 25 million Fletching XP.
36. Reach level 99 Slayer.
37. Obtain 25 million Slayer XP.
38. Reach level 99 Hunter.
39. Obtain 25 million Hunter XP. 
40. Reach level 99 Mining.
41. Obtain 25 million Mining XP.
42. Reach level 99 Smithing.
43. Obtain 25 million Smithing XP.
44. Reach level 99 Fishing.
45. Obtain 25 million Fishing XP.
46. Reach level 99 Cooking.
47. Obtain 25 million Cooking XP.
48. Reach level 99 Firemaking.
49. Obtain 25 million Cooking XP.
50. Reach level 99 Woodcutting.
51. Obtain 25 million Woodcutting XP.
52. Reach level 99 Farming.
53. Obtain 25 million Farming. 
54. Obtain a skilling pet. 
55. Travel between any two Spirit Trees you've grown.
56. Kill an Abyssal Demon whilst on an Abyssal Demon Slayer Task.
57. Complete 200 Slayer tasks. 
58. Defeat 50 superior Slayer creatures. 
59. Craft an Onyx Amulet.
60. Use an Anvil to smith a Dragonfire Shield.
61. Catch a Lucky Impling bare-handed.
62. Make a Super Combat Potion.
63. Obtain any Boss Pet.
64. Equip a Full Dragon Set.
65. Reach level 120 Combat. 
66. Reach level 126 Combat. 
67. Add a Jar to a Display Case. 
68. Equip an Abyssal Whip. 
69. Gain 50 unique items from Hard Clue Scroll Reward Caskets.
70. Gain 25 unique items from Elite Clue Scroll Reward Caskets.
71. Gain 25 unique items from Master Clue Scroll Reward Caskets.
72. Fill every Beginner Clue section of the Collection Log slot. 
73. Fill 50 easy Clue Collection Log slots.
74. Fill 40 medium Clue Collection Log slots.
75. Fill 30 Hard Clue Collection Log slots.
76. Fill 25 elite Clue Collection Log slots.
77. Fill 25 master Clue Collection Log slots.
78. Use the Explore emote.
79. Read a Clueless scroll.
80. Equip a Heavy casket.
81. Equip a Scroll sack.
82. Use the Uri Transform emote.
83. Complete all of the elite tasks in the Western Provinces Achievement Diary. 

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The RS3gold Team 

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