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Enjoy RS Digsite Delve TH Promotion for Archaeology Items & More

Time: 10/21/20

The new RS Digsite Delve TH promotion has started this week. During this promotion, you can be able to get hold of regular Treasure Hunter prizes, Archaeology items and powerups. Read below for more basic information and prize details.  

RS Digsite Delve TH promotion available until Oct. 26 

There is a new Treasure Hunter promotion named Digsite Delve running from Oct. 20 to Oct. 26. The new Digsite Delve promotion features the items related to Archaeology skill. And during the promotion, the normal chests are replaced with a grid of tiles. You can use keys to dig 36 tiles and each might include a powerup. 

Prizes of RS Digsite Delve TH promotion 

Throughout the Digsite Delve TH promotion, besides the regular Treasure Hunter prizes, you can also be able to get hold of the following prizes: 
- 2 restored artefact replicator: You can use it on restored artefact to duplicate it. 
- 3 dwarven excavator: having 150% progress to artefacts but no materials, or double materials but no artefact progress. 
- dwarven excavator
- 10 fixate charge token: redeemed to get an additional charge of the Fixate spell. 
- 5 fixate charge token
- Supreme star (huge, large, medium & small)
Besides, the possible powerups contained in tiles are: 
- Guaranteed purple gem prize 
- Guaranteed red gem prize 
- 4 multiplier 
- 2 multiplier 

Never miss RS Digsite Delve TH promotion for Archaeology items and others. Additionally, you can also buy cheap RS3 gold from us at all times. 

The RS3gold Team 

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