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Proposed OSRS Revenant Cave Changes: Single-Way Combat & More

Time: 10/16/20

In this week's game update, OSRS Team states several OSRS Revenant Cave changes. And according to players' feedback, they also come up with two ideas. Continue reading for further details.  

OSRS Revenant Cave changes proposed 

Since Revenant Cave plans are revealed in last week's OSRS game update, there have been general support for these plans. This week OSRS Team stresses some important changes again that are contained in the plan, such as: 
1. Revenant spawns will be spread more thinly in the caves. 
2. Reduce the value of Revenants' drop table.
3. The multi-way combat system will be replaced with "single-plus" which is a single-way combat. With this new mechanic being implemented, PvP combat will take priority over NPC combat. 

OSRS Revenant Cave changes planned for PJ timer  

With lots of your feedback focusing on "ragging" and the implementation/trial of a "PJ timer", this week the official team proposes the following ideas: 
1. Accessing to Revenant Cave may be required to pay in the form of coins. The payment could cover one or multiple trips, or until you die in the caves in a PvP scenario. And this fee would be obtained by a PKer while getting a killed player's items. This proposed change aims to prevent anybody from seeking to behave maliciously, except killing Revenants or other players.   
2. They propose applying the same PvP world PJ mechanic to the Revenant Caves. Due to the "single-plus", you can be attacked by another player in the caves. So watch out! 

Read the detailed OSRS Revenant Cave changes above. By the way, don't forget to buy cheap OSRS gold and other related products from us at all times. 

The RS3gold Team  

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