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Learn OSRS Volcanic Mine & Ava's Devices Changes on Oct. 14th

Time: 10/15/20

This week you will notice some changes to OSRS Volcanic Mine in game. Beyond of this, Ava's Devices changes and other updates also go live in game.  

OSRS Volcanic Mine changes announced on Oct. 14 

With update on Oct. 14, Volcanic Mine changes from Poll 73 are revealed and confirmed, such as: 
1. Raise the point cap from 65,535 to 2,097,151. This means that you can be able to mine for much longer without running to the store to get rid of your extra points.
2. Now the interface in the Volcanic Mine Waiting Room can count down to the start of the game. Thus it's more clearer to start playing. 

OSRS Ava's Devices & more changes revealed 

Along with the Volcanic Mine changes, Old School Team also reveals Ava's Devices changes and other updates, including: 
1. Ava's Attractor, Accumulator and Assembler will be lost on a PvP death instead of during PvM deaths. 
2. Expand and reorganize the Fishing Skill Guide to show the equipment and levels players will need to catch fish better. 
3. Rename "lobster pot" to "lobster cage".
4. Grand Exchange buy limit of the Lunar Teleport Tablets now is the same as other teletabs (10,000).
5. Iron players can be able to pick up the net in the Ogress Shaman cave.
6. Update the Wilderness Crabs Teleport Tablet with giving the same warnings as other teletabs.
7. Increase the win counter at Last Man Standing up to 32,767. 

Please learn OSRS Volcanic Mine and other changes from us now. And we will continue providing cheap OSRS gold and other goods with fast service. 

The RS3gold Team         

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