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Excavate RS Orthen Excavation Hotspots for Artefacts & Materials

Time: 10/21/20

While excavating RS Orthen excavation hotspots, you can be able to obtain diverse damaged artefacts and materials. But before accessing to these excavation hotspots, you have to meet their Archaeology level requirements. 

Level requirements of RS Orthen excavation hotspots 

There are ten excavation hotspots at Orthen Dig Site. And accessing to these hotspots requires the corresponding Archaeology levels: 
1. Varanusaur remains: level 90 Archaeology 
2. Dragonkin reliquary: level 96 Archaeology 
3. Dragonkin coffin: level 99 Archaeology
4. Autopsy table: level 101 Archaeology
5. Experiment workbench: level 102 Archaelogy 
6. Aughra remains: level 106 Archaeology 
7. Moksha device: level 108 Archaeology 
8. Xolo mine: level 113 Archaeology
9. Xolo remains: level 119 Archaeology
10. Saurthen debris: level 120 Archaeology 

Artefacts & materials in RS Orthen excavation hotspots 

All Orthen excavation hotspots contain different damaged artefacts and various materials, such as: 
1. Varanusaur remains 
Artefacts: Pasaha, Ritual bell.
Materials: Felt, Compass rose, Goldrune. 
2. Dragonkin reliquary
Artefacts: Vazara, Kilaya.
Materials: Dragon metal, Compass rose, Goldrune. 
3. Dragonkin coffin
Artefacts: Death mask, Dragonkin calendar, Dragonkin staff.
Materials: Orgone, Compass rose, Carbon black, Soapstone.
4. Autopsy table
Artefacts: Dragon scalpel, Protective goggles.
Materials: Felt, Dragon metal, Orthenglass. 
5. Experiment workbench 
Artefacts: Dragon burner, Orthenglass flask.
Materials: Dragon metal, Orgone, Orthenglass. 
6. Aughra remains 
Artefacts: Meditation pipe, Singing bowl, Personal totem.
Materials: Orgone, Dragon metal, Carbon black, Compass rose. 
7. Moksha device 
Artefacts: Lingam stone, Master control.
Materials: Orgone, Carbon black, Compass rose. 
8. Xolo mine
Artefacts: Xolo hard hat, Xolo pickaxe.
Materials: Dragon metal, Orgone, Goldrune. 
9. Xolo remains
Artefacts: Xolo spear, Xolo shield.
Materials: Felt, Orgone, Goldrune, Dragon metal.
10. Saurthen debris  
Artefacts: Gold dish, "Raksha" idol.
Materials: Dragon metal, Orgone, Goldrune. 

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The RS3gold Team

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