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Explore OSRS Isle of Souls with New Monsters, Dungeon & Others

Time: 02/04/21

According to "The Isle of Souls" game updates, we have learned that you can now be able to explore OSRS Isle of Souls island. On this island, you will see the new monsters, resources, dungeon and more. 

OSRS Isle of Souls updated with new monsters & resources 

Following the previous poll, Old School Team now confirms that some new monsters and resources are added to Isle of Souls, for example: 
1. Monsters: Sand crabs, Moss giants, Pyrefiends, Pyrelords, Cows, Chickens.
2. Resources
Trees: maple, yew, teak and mahogany. 
Rocks: clay, copper, tin, iron, silver, gold, coal and mithril. 
Fishing spots: net/harpoon, net/bait and cage/harpoon. 
Hunter spots: crimson swifts, copper longtails and grey chinchompas.
Water source 
An anvil 
Rare impling spawn

OSRS Isle of Souls dungeon with monsters 

With Isle of Souls being accessible, you can be able to play Isle of Souls dungeon that is located on the east of the island. There is a chest located in this dungeon, which can be opened to get a dark key. And you can also be able to encounter these monsters inside the dungeon, including: 
Lesser demons 
Greater demons 
Fire giants 
Blue dragons 
Baby blue dragons 
Iron dragons

Crumbling Tower on OSRS Isle of Souls 

What's more, while exploring Isle of Souls, you will find Crumbling Tower on the northwest coast of the island. It's an ancient ruin containing a new kind of monster: Forgotten Souls that are located on all three floors. You can also find a chest in the basement, which can be opened with dark key for XP and item.

Curious about OSRS Isle of Souls? Just access to and explore it right now. By the way, stick around to see cheap OSRS gold at our site. 

The RS3gold Team      

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