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Learn Details of RS Interface Scaling Beta Changes Updated on Jul 31

Time: 08/01/20

With the Game Updates posted on Jul. 31, we know that there are some changes made to RS Interface Scaling beta. Take a sneak peek to learn the details below.  

Changes to RS Interface Scaling beta

According to players' feedback, RS Team has made some changes to RS Interface Scaling and Camera Offset beta, aiming to bring a positive impact on players with standard or smaller sized displays. 
1. Add experimental interface down scaling options, allowing you to scale your interfaces down up to 70%. You can find them in: Settings> Graphics. 
2. Change the interface scaling options by adding 110% and 120% options and removing 125%/325%/350%/375%/400%. 
3. You can adjust the font size of text in the chat window:
  - Adjusting the fonts to 11, 13, 15 or 17pt by the Settings icon in expanded mode or the "-" icon in the non-expanded mode. 
  - Adjusting the fonts in: Settings> Gameplay> Messages & Social> Chat Customisation> Chat Box Text Size in the options menu alternatively. 

RS Camera Offset & Game Render Scaling on the Beta world 

Beyond of the Interface Scaling beta, you can also encounter the Camera Offset and Game Render Scaling on the Beta world. Camera Offset can raise the height of your view, helping you navigate through tall trees and densely-crowded areas. This can be changed in Settings> camera> System> Look offset. And Game Render Scaling scales the game view, helping squeeze out more performance on high resolution displays and lower-end hardware. This can be changed in Settings> Graphics> Game Render Scaling. 

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