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New RS Lunar Spells Added Along with Lunar Spellbook Changes

Time: 09/23/20

It has been confirmed that four new RS Lunar Spells are created and can be unlocked by reaching the requirements. Besides, there are many Lunar Spellbook changes available this week. 

New RS Lunar Spells added to Lunar Spellbook 

Ninjas have created four new Lunar Spells with the Moon Clan's finest mages, and these spells have been live in the Lunar Spellbook this week. The specific Lunar Spells and some details can be seen below: 
1. Sift Soil
This nifty sifting spell is available for those reaching level 91 Magic and requires 10 Water Runes, 5 Earth Runes and 1 Astral Rune to cast. While unlocking it, it will sift the targeted soil from your backpack and soil box magically. 
2. Trap Telekinesis
It can collect trapped animals and reset box trap, electrified trap, tortle trap or marasamaw trap. Trap Telekinesis requires level 97 Magic, 5 Air Runes, 1 Law Rune and 2Astral Runes to cast. 
3. Fire Urns
It can fire decorated and infernal urns. Fire Urns requires level 82 Magic, 5 Water Runes, 5 Earth Runes, 10 Fire Runes and 1 Astral Rune to cast. 
4. Telekinetic Grind
It can grind down up to 60 targeted items that could be ground by a pestle and mortar. Telekinetic Grind requires level 85 Magic, 2 Astral Runes and 1 Law Rune to cast. 

RS Lunar Spellbook changes on Sep. 21 

Along with the new Lunar Spells, the Game Updates on Sep. 21 also reveals some Lunar Spellbook changes, like: 
1. Teleport tablets can be crafted for all Lunar Teleport spells by those who have a lectern for their Player Owned House. 
2. Remote Farm interface becomes more usable, readable and user friendly:
  - Patches are now separated by category and also includes the Tuai Leit berry patches and the Money Tree patch.
  - Different patch states are now color-coded. 
  - Farmers now can cast Fertile Soil spell via the interface to have more time on weeding and whatnot. 
  - The time to open the interface after casting the spell is cut down. 
3. Make Leather now can tan all hides of the same type in your backpack at once, so the Make-x system is no longer used. 
4. Tune Banite Ore now can be cast on banite rocks to mine monster-specific ore from the rock. 
5. Superglass Make now can allow you to turn crystal-flecked sandstone and red sandstone into crystal and robust glass by clicking a button if you've completed "As a First Resort". 

With an eye toward RS Lunar Spells and Lunar Spellbook changes. Moreover, you can continue to buy cheap RS3 gold from us. 

The RS3gold Team  

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