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Guide to Win Bunnyman Mask from OSRS 2019 Easter Event 

Time: 04/12/19

The Easter bunny has come again with OSRS 2019 Easter Event, asking a little favor from you. Help the bunny through the difficulty, you’ll be rewarded with Giant Easter egg containing Bunnyman mask. And in the Bonus event, you can also fight Colossal Chocco Chicken and Chocolate Chickens.

Guide to the 2019 Easter Event 

1.Speak to the Easter Bunny north of Falador.
2.Head Lumbridge to speak to the Cook. Resolve all his riddle for Hosidius milk.      
   Riddle 1: I am round, yet not a perfect sphere. I can be cracked and not have anything inside. What am I?                            
   Answer: An Easter Egg
   Riddle 2: Filling me with eggs bad, but I'll make a case for it.                           
  Answer: A basket 
  Riddle 3: I am dark and bitter; drink me in the winter.                          
  Answer: Chocolate
3.Speak to the travelling merchant in Shantay Pass, and retrieve a crate of baskets from the shopkeeper in the Al-Kharid General Store to get dried cocoa. 
4.Head Draynor Village to speak to Martin the Master Gardener.
5.Take Aggie some fine silk and a tomato found on a table near her in the house directly east. 
6.Return to Martin, you’ll get special spices.
7.Bring the chocolate mixture(u) to Party Pete in the Falador Party Room, you’ll gain a choco serum after he mixes the bottle with his egg-celent moves.
8.Bring the choco serum to Easter Bunny.

Tips to fight Colossal Chocco Chicken in bonus event

During the 2019 Easter event, you have one chance to use the nearby burrow to travel to the characters. It is where you fight the Colossal Chocco Chicken in bonus event. The chicken can also summon can also summon Chocolate Chickens for aid in battle. More food is recommended to low-leveled players. The hitpoints of the chicken range from 60 to 594 according to your combat level. Your damage dealt via non-combat means like lighting fires will scale based on the Chicken's hitpoints. Once slain, the Colossal Chocco Chicken drops easter eggs.

Rewards from 2019 Easter Event 

After completing this event players will receive giant Easter egg, which gives Bunnyman mask if you use a hammer on it. You can also receive two noted easter eggs. There are also old rewards from previous events, including Rabbit Hop emote, Bunny ears, Rubber chicken, Easter ring, Chicken outfit, Bunny outfit, Eggshell outfit, and Easter basket.

Follow the guide to help Easter bunny and win Giant easter egg & Bunnyman mask in OSRS 2019 Easter Event. Also buy RS 07 gold on sale from us to beat Colossal Chocco Chicken in the bonus event.

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